The Keeper 10’6″ – Sports Stand Up Paddle Board Set Review


The Keeper stand up paddle board is 10 feet 6 inches (10’6″) long, thirty inches (30″) wide, and five inches (5″) thick. 10’6″ is an ideal length if you’re starting out paddle boarding – not too short you will be battling to keep upright, but not so long as to feel like a train as soon as you attempt to turn on the water.

The board weighs about 25lbs (11kgs), which is excellent – it will not take very long to understand the luxury of a light stand up paddle board if you need to haul it from the car park to the water several times. The draw back, of course, is that light-weight boards are generally affected by strong winds when out on the water. This is definitely noticeable mainly when attempting to catch waves with strong offshore winds blowing (keeping the board from “catching” the wave).


The board is made from high density epoxy resin (EPS), which is actually a relatively inexpensive and incredibly light-weight surf board core. They are also very sturdy, and can tolerate knocks that would ding regular fibreglass boards. Some surfing purists would rather use conventional fibreglass, nevertheless, if you want a lightweight, strong paddle board at a good price point, you cannot go wrong with EPS.

The board also has three wooden stringers, moulded right into the deck. Stringers are widely used to further reinforce a stand up paddle board. The board has a 100 percent waterproof core, and can hold a weight of up to 300lbs (136kgs) in the water.


The Keeper stand up paddle board is light-weight, and an excellent size for learning. It features a strong design, making use of both EPS and three wooden stringers. The paddle floats, and that is always an added bonus!


The package includes with an adjustable SUP Paddle (with exclusive Blade Shield), padded roof racks and surf leash. The padded roof racks are fine for local trips, but you may want to spend money inflatable paddle board on some good roof racks if you intend travelling further afield. At high speeds they are noisy, and as soon as it rains, the water can absorb through in to the inside of your car.


This board is not really intended for performance, but it doesn’t mean it can’t catch good waves (if you are inclined to go paddle boarding at the beach). It could be regarded as an “all-rounder”, meaning it is great for casual paddle boarding on the nearby lake, but additionally has enough juice to catch small waves at the beach (although, I wouldn’t suggest trying this on any point break if you are a novice – stick to small beach breaks with this one).


Keeper Sports Products are a company located in Oceanside, California. Their mission, in their own words, is to “bring innovative competitively priced and value enhanced product to the sporting goods industry – and have fun while doing it”. The “California Board Company” range of boards appears on many top-sale websites, and overall reviews seem very positive.


Exceptionally priced for what’s a terrific board for beginner-intermediate paddle boards in mind.


The posting on Amazon states the board has a “Tri-fin” set-up, but it actually only sported a single large center fin (which will be perfectly good for lake or small wave paddling).

The included roof rack is not especially sturdy looking. It straps through the door frames inside the car for stability and then across the top of the board.

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