Melaleuca Products – Real Vitality With Oligo

Lives all across the world are being enhanced with people enjoying a newborn sense of energy and wellness with Melaleuca products. Oligo is not just another multivitamin and mineral supplement. It can change lives through increased energy. What really matters is the increased wellness and vitality people can experience with Oligo.

Vitamins and minerals are nutrients that are required for life that are not usually created by the body. You no doubt know that we need them to live, and you should get them from your daily diet. The most common source is from fruits and vegetables, but unfortunately we are only consuming half the recommended amount on a daily basis. This has prompted some concerned doctors to recommend that all adults take a multivitamin daily.

If taking a multi-vitamin is what you wish to do, to obtain optimum health, it’s best if you take one which has the highest of quality and that’s where you can be guaranteed Melaleuca product the Vitality pack with Oligofructose stands. The vitality pack with Oligo comes with a 90 day satisfaction guarantee and if you do not feel a marked difference in your health and energy, you can return the empty bottles for a full cash refund. No other company that I know of offers such a guarantee.

So what is this Melaleuca product Oligo?

Fruits and Vegetables absorb their raw materials from the soil and bind them to organic compounds such as protein and fibre. Our bodies are designed to absorb and utilize this bound form of minerals. The earth provides all these that the body needs, but who Vitalflow wants to eat earth? And so Melaleuca created a better multivitamin and mineral supplement using this knowledge.

In the traditional multivitamin found on the shelf of your drug store, the oxides, sulphates etc. dissolve easily in the stomach acid but as they pass into the intestine where absorption takes place, they solidify making them almost impossible for the body to absorb. So Melaleuca created Oligo. Oligo binds minerals to organic compounds to copy the way they are found in fruits and vegetables. Melaleuca’s Oligo is scientifically proven to be up to 10 times more available for absorption than other brands.

So why take a multivitamin that is less able to be absorbed, and most of it’s goodness is passed through the body?

Because traditional ‘on the shelf’ brands of vitamins and minerals are difficult for our body to absorb, it would take nearly 5 bottles of the leading brand to have the same vitamin C and copper available for absorption as you would from the Melaleuca product Vitality Pack with Oligo.

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