Hunter Vs Mage

Fighting Mages in PvP with your Hunter is like fighting 10 year old boys running around with bazookas. They can hit you really, really hard but they go down very easily. The majority of Mages out there have very small health pools compared to pretty much any other class. Their trade off is the ability to blink around the screen at will, drop huge nukes and polymorph you into various barnyard animals. In short, most mages will not be a big problem for the Hunter to kill in the Arena or the Battle Grounds.

Mages and Hunters both have one thing in common…the love of range. Mages tend to want to be far away from anything that can hit them with something which works well for the Hunter Class. If you’re both at range it comes down to burst damage and gear. As the 안전토토사이트 one with the Pet the Hunter will typically have an advantage as the Pet can be on the weak little Mage chewing on his head while you pump him full of lead.

There is a method of attacking a mage that is pretty counterintuitive to Hunters…rush them. That’s right, charge them and engage them in melee. As Hunters we’ve got some decent melee skills and, depending on your build, you might have some pretty darn good melee skills. The last thing a Mage will expect is a Hunter that runs at then rather than away. This is also good practice on the melee for us as we really don’t get a chance to use it all that often compared to the stand and shoot system.

If you are a Beast Master then Mages go from a pretty easy kill to a minor annoyance. Pop your pet on him, throw up Intimidation and Rage and hit him with one good nuke shot for good measure. Then just move on…he’ll be dead.

Keep an eye out for the spec of the Mage you’re in combat with. Are they an Ice Mage? Use fire traps and vise versa. When an Ice Mage uses his Ice Block a fun little trick is to drop an Immolation Trap as his feet. When he drops out of Ice Block he’ll step right into the Immolation trap. Another fun one is to go out in the direction the Mage is facing while in Ice Block and drop a trap there. Often they will attempt to Blink directly out of the Block and, if you get the distance right, they can land right in a Freeing Trap or a Snake Trap.

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