Floral Arrangement For a Funeral

In giving flowers during a funeral, the most important thing to remember is that they should express sympathy and friendship. Choosing the appropriate funeral flower gift may be difficult followed by the death of a loved one or a friend. The kind of flower, arrangement and colors should be considered. White carnation, lilies and roses are among the common flowers given during a funeral. They represent grief and solemnity. Other white or light-colored flowers can also be given to show respect for the departed friend or relative. Floral arrangements may be given in a gift basket with food. They are the most common funeral gift since it is believed that they lift the spirits of the family who were abandoned by the dead relative.

Floral arrangement for the funeral can not ของชำร่วยงานศพ only be purchased. You can also make your very own arrangement and give it as a gift in a funeral. The materials needed include fresh flowers, container, ribbon, floral foam, wire, wire cutters, and knife. First is to fit the foam snugly in the container and fill it with water. You can add pieces of leaves or any greenery on top of the foam. Then cut the stems of the flowers, and arrange them accordingly in foams. You should be certain that the stems are firmly placed into the foam. The flowers at the center should be the highest point in the arrangement. Use odd numbers in arranging the flowers into the mix. If there are some open spaces, you can fill in baby’s breath and heather to make the arrangement fuller. Insert more foliage if the foam is still visible.

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