Chestnuts For Thanksgiving

I chanced upon this website called last year, and it brought back memories of a long-ago childhood somewhere in the mountains and chestnut trees. I remembered the fresh chestnuts, the sorting where we all joined in, the numerous mouth-watering nut recipes of my mother’s. The most vivid memory is that of the whole family sitting around a campfire in the winter, roasting fresh chestnuts and gorging on them, the heartwarming crackling and splitting sound, the crackle of the fire, the small chatter of the family and nodding off in my dad’s lap.

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Studies, career, job and a family of my own in the big city had nearly consumed me and hardly left any time for old memories. Most of the time we have relied on made-to-order dinners or off the shelf packs, very rarely cooking a whole meal at home due to lack of time. But, this website did a strong re-call of fresh chestnuts and I yearned to have them, then and there. I ordered for their three pound pack, slightly apprehensive about the quality. Was I wrong!? True to their words, this site delivers fresh chestnuts, just like the ones of our garden of yester years.

With this overwhelming flood of memories, I had a special Thanksgiving last year, fresh chestnuts, pre peeled chestnuts, boiled chestnuts – more or less everything available at the chestnuts-for-sale website; and not to forget stuffed turkey with all ingredients and fresh chestnuts vape juices for sale. I have tried their chestnut flour cake mix – both the vanilla and the chocolate, and they turned out superb in taste. The chestnut honey is delicious probably made with Spanish chestnuts, which are known to be the sweetest of them all. Did I tell you chestnuts contain a significant amount of vitamin C? Very good for health, and so I guess we had a much healthy Thanksgiving in 2009.

This year too, I am baking my favorite chestnut spelt bread for Thanksgiving, which is a vegetarian recipe and goes very well with all the meat dishes on that special day. This is easy to make and bakes in an hour. The necessary ingredients are – butter, onion, celery sticks, spelt flour, 2 pounds of peeled & cooked chestnuts (available on this website, chopped parsley, lemon juice and a garlic clove. After sauting the onion and celery in the butter, mash with the chestnuts, flour, parsley, lemon juice and garlic in a separate pan till the mixture is firm and supple enough to form a roll. Bake this for forty five minutes on a preheated and oiled oven dish, and regularly spoon the hot oil on all sides of the roll. Once it is ready, slice the bread and serve hot with your turkey and other dishes. A fruity wine makes the whole menu yummier!

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