How to Choose the Right Catfishing Rod

Catfishing is an enjoyable sport but it can be pretty frustrating when the catch is slow or it isn’t biting at all. There are several factors to consider for a successful catfishing trip like your bait recipes, the location for your catfishing adventure, your technique and of course the right catfishing rods to name a few. This article will show just what it is about the right catfishing rod that you will need to know.

Making the right choice about the right catfishing rods to be used is not a matter of luck. You need to know the different factors that must be considered in order to have the best rod for the job. The first thing that you need to know is the quality of the rod. I would suggest that the best materials are graphite and fiberglass. These steel bite pro materials have proven their worth by being sturdy enough to handle the struggle between the rod and the fish. You will feel secure with the knowledge that your rod will not break in two when faced with a big catfish.

Now that you are prepared with the best materials, we can move on to the three things that most master catfishermen are looking for in a rod. They are action, power and sensitivity.

Action refers to the flexibility that the rod has when they encounter the big cats. You will know the rod’s action when the bend starts and how much it will give under the fish’s weight. You can tell whether the action is slow, medium or fast based on the way and how soon it bends. If it bends soon at the start near the base and throughout the whole length of the rod then the action of that particular rod is slow. If on the other hand the bending starts in the middle then it has a medium action. Lastly if the bending is only at the tip of the rod, then it has fast action.

Next is power. Power is determined by the thickness of the rod and it refers to the amount of pressure that the rod withstands before it bends. The sensitivity on the other hand is the amount or power of the vibration that the rod transmits into your hand. The vibration will tell you that you have a bite.

Other than these three items, there are also some minor things that you have to consider. These include the guide, the handles and the reel seats. You have the best guides when they are made of stainless steel frames and are designed with ceramic inserts. As compared to their metal and plastic counterparts, these stainless steel guides do not wear out that easily.

The handles are usually made of form cork or foam. You can choose the cork instead of the foam if you are not so concerned about the price. The cork handles are easier to hold and you will feel more comfortable with them in your hands.

Finally there are the reel seats. They secure the reel to the rod itself. Make sure that they secure the reel properly because that is pretty much all that matters with reel seats. You can also try having those real seats with finger handles to ensure security once you begin fighting with that big catfish.

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