Flat Belly Diet Review – Review of the Rachael Ray Flat Belly Diet, Does it Work?

Were you aware that over 90% of people who try a diet will gain some of the weight back and almost 50% gain all of it back! The reason for this is very simple, however it has less to do with the people themselves and much more to do with a major flaw that these diets commit. I will explain what this is and how to avoid the rebound effect and most importantly tie this in to my Flat Belly Diet Review that was seen on the rachel ray show!

So Does the Flat Belly Diet Work?

It can definitely provide weight loss while you’re on it. The diet itself promotes a high consumption of Monounsaturated Fatty Acids also know as MUFAs. The benefit of these fats is that they don’t store in the body and they flush out of your system while at the okinawa flat belly tonic same time creatign the feeling of being full. The diet is centered around the idea of consuming foods high in this fat day by day. Like all diets it is restrictive in the amount of calories you can have per day to just 1600. So the big question is will this diet help you drop weight permanently, no.

Why the Flat Belly Diet Can’t Keep Weight Off Permanently

The main flaw in this diet as many other diets is that it drops your daily calories and has you consuming a very repetitive diet every day. This has two major problems. For one thing your metabolism will begin to decline with the reduced calorie intake. The other major issue with this diet is the fact that it focuses so heavily on one element MUFAs in this case it is doomed from the start. You see when you eat the same types of calories every day your body adapts and as a result your metabolism no longer rises as it once did when you consume foods. So when you finish the diet you’re left with a slower than normal metabolism that is unstimulated by the foods you eat.

All Diets Have a Rebound Effect!

This statement however is false, not all diets have a rebound effect. In fact the most successful diet to come out of 2008 focused entirely on boosting the metabolism as opposed to starving the body of certain foods. The name of this diet is calorie shifting and because it focuses entirely on boosting your metabolism and nothing else you end up being able to eat normal amounts of calories every day and continue to burn fat. This fat burning effect will continue even after you stop the diet and as a result the rebound effect never occurs.


Although the flat belly diet seems promising, unless you’re ready to eat only foods containing large amounts of MUFAs for the rest of your life and a low calorie diet to boot you will inevitably encounter the rebound effect when you finish the diet.

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