TX 530 Series World Timer Airport Lounge

The TX brand has its origin in Germany and was developed 5 years ago, becoming a popular watch company, highly appreciated by the TX watch lovers. The young company is defined by the innovative technology that operates inside the TX watches, the quartz movement, a highly advance movement use by the German engineers providing an extraordinary precision and functionality to every timepiece that represents this brand.

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TX watches present a flexible technology inside containing fours motors each one functioning independently, combine on the outside with a luxury design that comes in a very large number of styles, from the very sporty range to the sophisticated and elegant one. The best feature of the TX watches is the remarkable high quality found behind the design and production of each watch, making them unique in their style and exceptional performance ดูซีรีย์.

The remarkable combination of the American innovation, Italian style and German technological performance has lead to the beautiful creation of the TX watch series, an extremely fashionable and dynamic timepieces highly appreciated by the world’s adventurers.

A particularly impressive timepiece from the TX watch series is the TX 530 World Timer Airport Lounge watch a combination of sophisticated design made from the highest quality materials and unique technological performance.

The dynamic and powerful appearance of this quality timepiece is given by the perfect shaped case manufactured from a stainless steel material and available in silver or rose gold. The watch case houses an innovative globe surface dial, specially designed for adventure enthusiasts, revealing its wearer the time and season information for 24 world zones. Aside from these useful features the timepiece includes a date display window at 6 o’clock and luminescent indices and hands giving the dial a perfect legibility.

With a simple push on a button this modern and impressive timekeeper captures the precise time from different locations allowing the world traveler to adapt quickly to these time zones: Azores, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, La Paz, New York, Mexico, Denver, Los Angeles, Alaska, Honolulu, Midway, Auckland, Noumea, Sydney, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Bhaka, Karachi, Dubai, Moscow, Athens, Paris and London.

The unique performance of the TX 530 World Timer Airport Lounge watch is achieved by the quartz movement that animates this exceptional stylish timepiece giving it an optimum timekeeping precision.

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