Caribou Reviews – Why it’s Important to Research the Area Before Starting to Hunt Caribou

Caribou hunting in Canada is a popular pastime for many Alaskan sportsman and women. It’s one of the few winter destinations that remains virtually uncluttered year round. However, if you’ve never been to Canada, then you’re probably wondering what to expect from your first hunting trip here. The following is a brief introduction to some of the most popular caribou hunting areas in Canada, as well as tips on how to get the most out of your trip.

In the news recently has been the craze surrounding the “Prairie du Sac” area in Banff National Park. This area has long been the favourite hunting spot for Alaskan sportsmen and is considered to be among the best caribou reviews hunting grounds in the northern hemisphere. For those unfamiliar with the area, bear in mind that the only time you’ll encounter caribou – at least not in the open – is during mid-August through October.

The “Queen Elizabeth Mountains” offer another excellent place for Alaskan hunters. The area stretches from Jasper to Sunshine and includes a number of outfitters and campgrounds where you can stay for the day and hunt in peace and privacy. However, bear in mind that it is relatively difficult to get a caribou permit to go into these mountains, so you’ll probably have better luck using guided caribou hunting tours. However, they are still worth checking out if you have the time!

The “Glacier Range” is a great resource for Alaskan caribou hunting. The most important factor for this area is the season. Summer is the best time to hunt; however, bear in mind that caribou are migratory and can only move as far as their yearly migratory route. Therefore, if you can plan your trip ahead, you should be able to find the best spots in the best weather conditions. This area is also a good choice for using guided caribou hunting tours, which will give you expert help in finding the best hunting grounds.

Another popular Alaskan destination for caribou hunting is Ketchikan in the south coast plain. It is an excellent area for hunting caribou and has a wide variety of terrain for hunters. The biggest problem is weather – caribou move around the year and can freeze or thaw in just one day! Therefore, the best time to visit Ketchikan is in July or August, the longer the better!

Finally, Alaska’s largest city, Anchorage features numerous locations where caribou are regularly spotted. If you want to get up close to these majestic animals, a guided caribou hunting tour is highly recommended. Even if you’ve never seen a caribou in real life before, you’ll be surprised at what you see – their natural beauty is breathtaking. The tour guides are friendly and informative, and have loads of information on how to go about caribou hunting in Alaska.

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