What is EBI Aali?

ebi aali

EBI Aali is a high end company established by Kiyosaki and his wife, Amy Waterman. It is a huge network of contacts and partners in the financial and investment fields. It has been a long time goal of Mr. Kiyosaki to create an international influence and market position for himself and his wife, Amy. They are very much interested in making themselves globally competitive so that they can one day have their own business. Recently, Mr. Kiyosaki met Marina Strong, an American investor who has acquired a stake in ebi aali. This was supposed to be a relationship between the two, however, things became difficult when she refused to give them any funds, despite the fact that Mr. Kiyosaki presented several letters from her to the boards of directors.

Mr. Kiyosaki was very upset about this turn of events. As it happened, Marina Strong is a very close associate of Dov Simens, the founder of EBI Aali. This is why she had access to EBI Aali’s confidential information. Mr. Simens is a former owner of the Avis company. He left the organization many years ago to open his own business.

Mr. Simens still holds a large share of the voting power, despite having been out of the company for some years. Because of this, Mr. Simens still retains a major role in the day to day workings of EBI Aali. The founder’s family owns a large part of the company, but the couple do their best to keep it as family owned business. They also try to keep it neutral as much as possible.

The investment itself is not too complicated. The partner receives annual payments, which are based on how well their investments perform. They are paid a set amount of money every month. Sometimes, they receive dividends as well. They are paid a certain sum of money per year by the investment manager or a large investor.

These benefits come with high risks. There is no minimum amount of money that needs to be invested and there is usually no exit strategy. As long as the company makes money, the partners just keep investing. However, EBI Aali has made a lot of money for many people, including Mr. Simens himself.

When you decide to invest in EBI Aali, the first thing you have to do is find an investment firm. There are quite a few investment firms available online. You should check out as many as you can before deciding on the one you want to work with. Make sure that the firm is registered with the Better Business Bureau. Investigate their credentials. Then compare them to each other and to other investment firms that you have researched.

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