The Sports TOTO MAJOR CADETTE BACCARAT is a competition organized by the Sports Team TOTO in cooperation with the Department of Tourism and Development of Mexico. Organized by the Mexican Tour Operator and Promoter, it is a unique tournament which uses the strategy of a grand tour. Organized by the well-known tour operator, this three-day extravaganza includes top sports personalities in Mexico and invites them to participate in a one-day extravaganza. As part of the promotion, this weekend-the Casinos of Mexico City offer a free entry into the tournament, where the participant teams are decided.


The main attraction for the participants is the grand entrance at the venue of the tournament, which is given the grandeur treatment. There are several events taking place during the event. First of all, there is the opening ceremony, which is attended by the President of Mexico, Mr. Felipe Calderon. A parade takes place under the banner of the President, from where the tournament banners are displayed. Competitors of the Sports TOTO MAJOR CADETTE BACCARAT compete for the title of “Best Casino”.

During the tournament, the main highlight is the final round, which consists of teams of five. Then, after a week of intense training, the teams are divided into two groups, one group will play on a casino under the guidance of the professional gamblers, the other one will be playing under theateurs who have signed up to play in the Casinos of Mexico City 스포츠토토. During the course of the tournament, a newbie is chosen every day and given a chance to show himself on the main stage, where he is required to perform different tasks, for example, choosing a card, calling a number, tossing a coin. And once a player wins, he becomes the “Champion”.

The main objective of the players in the tournament is winning. They have to use their brains and strategy to defeat other teams of professional gamblers. The player has to decide the best move and take his chances of winning. Winning in such a competition helps them in winning other games of the same kind.

The participants are asked to wear a uniform which consists of a shirt with long sleeves, a pair of trousers and a belt. The choice of footwear is strictly on the discretion of the player. He can choose between boots and tennis shoes, the choice is entirely his. The top that the players are wearing consists of a shirt with long sleeves and short trousers.

Each player is provided with a card with the basic rules which includes the winner, the date and time of the tournament. The players are not allowed to bet or enter the pot before this information is read out. All the players are eligible to participate in the tournament. In case there is a draw, the winner of the draw gets to choose the first player to play against the other. The other players have to accept the decision of the organizer. The other details of the game can be found out on the site of the organizers.

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