Best LCD TV – What Factors Should I Consider?

When it comes to size, resolution and picture quality, more and more people are opting for an LCD TV. These are currently the bestselling flat and high-definition televisions today, preferred by more consumers because they come in a wide variety of sizes, fits just about anywhere and are light enough to be mounted on the wall just like an ordinary picture frame. But with so many choices today, how do you find the best LCD TV? Here are some factors to consider, along with a few recommendations MaxiIM IM608.

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LCDs explained

LCD is short for liquid crystal display. This refers to the type of technology used on the screen of the TV to produce images. Thanks to backlighting, LCD TVs are better than older CRT models using fluorescent lights to produce a wider variety of colors. This is also the technology that allows even distribution of light across the whole screen, so overall brightness is consistent.

Does size matter in TV?

Apparently, it does. The best LCD TVs today are those that offer a good range of sizes – from desktop computer-sized 15″ units to more home theater-friendly 70″. Bigger units even come with tuners and surround sound speakers to better enhance the home theater experience.

Picture quality

Admittedly, even the best LCD TVs have visual performance issues they have to contend with. Some of their main drawbacks are the low refresh rate (leading to relatively slower response time), low contrast ratio compared to plasma TVs and blurring during fast action sequences.

However, LCD TV manufacturers are promising better performance in the next generation LCD TVs. That means, we can expect significantly higher response rates and tweaks that will resolve blurs during high-speed car chases and fight scenes in future models.

How to choose the best LCD TV

Here are some factors to consider:


Probably the major consideration you need to keep in mind is the LCD TV’s size. It has to fit the area where it will be placed and must be big enough to optimize your viewing experience and small enough not to overwhelm. Remember that the best LCD TVs are built for maximum viewing pleasure at a distance. So if you have a 40″ set, you should at have enough space in the room to allow you to sit at a distance of 5 feet or so. The larger the TV, the farther the area you should view it from.


This is another gauge in which the best LCD TVs are measured. Resolution refers to the overall picture quality of the TV. The higher the number, the sharper and clearer the image. High definition formats generally range from about 720p to 1080p.

However, if budget is a major concern, there’s no need to pay extra for higher resolution. Even 720p LCDs can already produce excellent images and reliable picture quality. The difference between a 720 and a 1080 is almost negligible especially if you have access to shows with HD programming.


In some cases, brand loyalty matters when deciding which LCD TV is best. If you must consider the manufacturer, look for top names such as Samsung, Sony, LG, Philips or Vizio. These brands have some of the best models in the industry, with several premium offers available.


If you stick by a particular brand and consider a larger-sized LCD TV, some of the best you’ll find can set you back at least $700 for a decent-sized 32″. Bigger sizes starting at 37″ can cost from about $1,500 to $3,000. However, you could still shave off a few hundred dollars by opting for lesser-known brands that are typically sold by distributors at stores like Target, Wal-Mart and Best Buy. You’ll generally get the same picture quality at about 15% to 20% less.

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