The Power of the Mind Can Either Improve Or Weaken Eye Sight

The mind is so powerful that it literally gets us what we want. If we give it negative thoughts then we get negativity. However by the same token we can feed the mind positive thoughts and thereby change our health and eye sight by the way we think.

Some people have “eyes at the back of their head”. This is virtually true because the optic nerve runs through the entire brain ending up at the visual cortex situated at the back of the head. Recognition and cognition of the vision particles takes place there. Since the optic nerve runs through the brain our thoughts and emotions can affect the seeing process. Many of us have had the experience of not seeing our car keys when they are right there in front of us and people can literally become blind with the strong emotion of rage.

Seeing is a combination of memory, experience and emotion and therefore selective. For example a car Enthusiast driving down the road will notice and see every other car, model and  Visiclear make coming and passing whereas a Botanist will see all the different trees and bushes beside the road and the cars are just a driving hazard. Our thoughts are selective as well and we choose what we think.

It is therefore possible for blurry vision to seem as clear by the way we think. This happens when we are relaxed and our thought waves focus toward perfection. Thought waves behave exactly like sound or light waves and we can use thoughts to mould our eyes the way we want them to be. If we focus on perfection, visualize it perfect, we can eventually produce it. Visualization aids to recover vision as it normalizes the eyes and takes it to the position where normal vision occurs. Visualization is best done in dynamic relaxation mode.

Dynamic relaxation occurs when the body is completely relaxed but the mind is working by visualizing in color and the five senses. Dynamic relaxation is extremely powerful when attached to an action plan. It is then possible to self-regulate our own autonomous nervous system and make changes to our functioning via the subconscious mind.

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