How to Romance a Woman With Sexual Dominance? – It Is Not Only About Aggressive Body Language

Every man wants to know that how to romance a woman with sexual dominance. If you are one of those men who think that sexual dominance is all about punching a woman or raping her with aggressive sexuality then you are on mistake. Millions of people associate sexual dominance with money, chains and aggressiveness. Indeed, this is definitely right to some extent but it is only a ray of a star. In order to rock a woman’s world, you have to be an entire bright star. You should know that aggressiveness comes in the last level of dominance. For making a woman worship you like a sexual god, you have to dominate her  Language of desire mind thoroughly. The game of domination starts in minds first. You can not put a fish into boiling water suddenly. First, you need to understand the nature of water before turning a fish into sexual whale.

I already know that many pick-up artists help you with shallow quick fixes. They never tell you the actual secrets of desirable man. A desirable man always express love actively even in his long-term relationship.

I am sure that there are some people who want real life changing tips now. They want to dominate their woman with some applicable tips. For them, it is very impossible to dominate their woman/wife suddenly with their aggressiveness. Fortunately, you have landed on the right page. Here I am going to give you some very useful tips that will change the entire identity of your woman and make her follow you entire life.


If you believe that it has become impossible for you to keep her attracted towards you then it is the time to raise your real masculine traits. I am not here to tell you about some meaningless things. I am here to tell you about those precious things which keep a woman under your sexual authority. I agree with you that it is impossible to romance a woman with sexual dominance if there is not sexual attraction. Perhaps, you have tried to attract your woman with body language and humor but these things can not sustain the attraction for long time. These things brutally fail in long-term relationship because your woman understands every inch of you.

So, first you need to be a real masculine man before doing romance with your woman. Now, you must be thinking that how to be a masculine man. Actually, most of the pick-up artists and gurus never tell you about the real traits of masculine man. They keep your focus only on body language or on other small things and sabotage your actual presence.

“You can never be a masculine man if you are not passionate about your life.”

Every woman in this world refuses to live with a passionless man. She desires a passionate man in her life with goals, plans and actions. She admires that man who achieves goals passionately, instead of talking. A man who achieves his goals successfully keeps women under his authority and always creates extreme sexual attraction. Have you ever thought that why women fantasize about having sex with authority men? It is because authority men are passionate about their life and they hold dominant traits.

If it is only about body language then every man in this world must be enjoying one night stands on regular basis. Achieving goals with passion keeps the attraction alive in marriage. It does not matter for women whether you are rich or an average guy. They only want to see the passions in your life. So, it is the time to set your goals and show her that you are passionate about your life.

How to Romance a Woman with Sexual Dominance?

Do not think that romance is only about giving her chocolates, gifts or flowers. Romance is a feeling that keeps a woman on toes all the time. So, if you want to keep your woman on toes then the first thing you need to do is to change her into a sexual naughty girl. You have to make her playful, sexual and authoritative. Now, how would you do this? Well, force her to wear bright colors dresses. Bright colors dresses change the entire identity of a woman and turn her into a playful naughty girl. Even a dominant woman feels naughty inside and break the barriers of her dominance.

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