The All New Honda VFR Launches This February 2010!

Style and innovation is indeed the perfect fusion of beauty and function. A complete integration of sophisticated design and engineering appear in all Honda accessories and Honda motorcycle parts. And now, with their newest model – the VFR2001F – that renowned integration manifests itself. It is a machine that can be many things to many different riders. It is built with the user in mind. From its distinctive X-shaped headlight to the flowing lines of the unified aerodynamic surfaces, this new model surpasses everything that has come before it. If you’re a lover of motorcycle culture and like designer sporting hot gear from the brands such as Alpinestars, this is the ultimate machine for you.

Of course beauty is nothing without intelligence, and when you climb aboard this beast you will immediately sense its striking aura. You will no doubt find yourself actually sitting IN it, than on it – a direct result of the expert design and engineering used from Honda motorcycle parts. The uniquely sculpted shape of the dual-layer fairing is an embracing and sanctifying feeling, efficiently guiding the flow of air around you whilst you ride. Increased stability and a cool engine, as  px7 primal flow reviews well as a combination of other Honda accessories enables a seamless blend of power and poise that provides perfect harmony between the machine and the rider.

The Honda V4 engine is a tangible aura of power. Make no mistake, this baby will move you. Even at idle, its enticing pulse is sure to get your blood pumping. A uniquely designed muffler at full throttle gives way to an invigorating and unmistakable growl that accompanies that long, effortless journey through the graceful curves of a mountain road. A rush of pure adrenaline? Or the serenity of a day’s cruise? The choice is yours. The revolutionary cylinder layout and UNICAM configuration makes the engine broader at the front and narrower at the rear, in order to give the bike a slimmer narrower and you the rider a narrower seat. Put on some proper Alpinestars gear and you will soon encompass the term ‘streamline’.

Perfect mass centralisation with superlative feedback, comfort and control. The VFR’s V4 engine has it all. Everything about this new model has been designed to put the rider in control. Responding like an extension of your own limbs and primal instinct, the completely new low maintenance shaft-drive system feels and acts just like a chain-drive. For more information we wholeheartedly recommend you check out Honda’s official website and find out just what this fierce beast can really do.

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