How to Build Backlinks With Articles

If you have learned anything about search engine optimization I am sure you have heard of backlinks. If you are wondering what the heck these are make sure you stayed tuned to learn the importance of backlinks. If you are trying to make your webpage hit page one on Google or Yahoo. You should definitely learn about backlinks.

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In order to understand the power of backlinks you first need to understand a little bit about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is what you do to get your website ranked in Google or Yahoo quality backlinks. In order for it to rank well you need to have good content that is relevant to the keyword you are trying to get ranked for. Content is one of the most important parts so don’t over look it. You want to write content that your readers want to read. Then insert your keyword every once and a while to keep the content relevant. About 2%-4% of the content should be your keyword no more than this. You should also send links from your pages to your home page. The search engines love this.

Once you have good content now is the time to build your site’s popularity. Popularity is judged by the search engines. The more popularity you have the better. I bet you’re wondering how you can make your website become popular. Popularity is easy to build you just need backlinks. Now you see why they are so important, without backlinks your site doesn’t have any popularity.

A backlink is very simple. It is a link that another website sends to yours. The more websites you have linking to your website the more backlinks you have. There are many ways to get backlinks to your site and grow your sites popularity. Below I will go into a few techniques to grow backlinks.

Get Easy Backlinks: Follow these simple techniques to grow your backlinks now.

1. Write articles. Just like this one you are reading right now. Articles offer great content to your readers and give you quality backlinks at the same time. Write an article of around 500 words. This should be easy if you crank it out. Don’t be super worried about how well written the article is just as long as it offers good content.

2. Ok, now you have your 500 word article now you have to blast it around the internet and get your links out there. Below is a list of websites I use to get quality backlinks and traffic. This list is an amazing resource, so make sure you take advantage of it. By the way all these sites are free.

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