Have You Looked Under the Covers For Nail Fungus Lately?

How do I know if It is a nail fungus?

If you are experiencing and different feeling than you normally do, after a nail treatment here are some suggestions.

  • Soak the nail that is in question to remove the fake nail
  • Completely dry the nail and let the skin air out
  • Begin inspecting the area that was itchy or felt unusual
  • Look for discoloring of the nail and Fungus Clear bed area
  • Let the nail remain uncovered and monitor how It feels before recovering
  • It is important that you do not have a nail fungus, because this condition can spread to your other nails.

Nail fungus is not as aggressive when exposed to air

The nail fungus can sometimes go un-noticed after this cleaning treatment, for several reasons. The most common is that by removing the cover the nail begins to breathe again. In early stages of a fungus, the fungi may not be at an aggressive state so when It receives air the fungus slows in maturing. However, do not let this fool you. Toe and fingernail fungus can be difficult to see in their early stages. Therefore, that scratch, itchy feeling may have been your warning of a potential problem and you should continue monitoring for several days if not a full week.

The nail fungus can really hide from plain site

The fungi growth is microscopic in appearance during the onset. Therefore, in the very early stages It may be almost imposable to see with your plain eye. The fungus generally starts growing under the nail and or nail bed. Keeping this in mind when inspecting for nail fungus can be an important factor with diagnosing this growth. That unusual feeling may have been the early discomfort that will continue to get worse if not treated

What stops the fungus from spreading

There are many variations of treatment that can be applied. The important point to remember is that you do not want to spread or cause other nails to become infected. Every person will react different, where some can have their nails covered continuously for long periods and not have problems. Other people can begin to experience fungus growth very easily. It is recommended, that if a nail fungus is detected on one finger, that all fingers should have the covers removed and treated as safe practice and depending on the treatment.

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