17 Alpha Hydroxyprogesterone Will Take Your Dream To The Right Destiny!

17 Alpha Hydroxyprogesterone is a steroid hormone and can be produced naturally and also artificially. It is a metabolite of progesterone with a hydroxyl group at the 17th alpha position. It is an intermediate between the biosynthesis of hydrocortisone and gonadal steroid hormones. After studying the chemical properties of the compound, it has been found useful in treating recurrent abortion or termination of the fetus. After being used on many women, the drug has being passed for legal use. The drug is completely safe to be used under physician’s prescription legal steroids provider.

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17 Alpha Hydroxyprogesterone is also naturally secreted in the body by the adrenal glands. During pregnancy, the quantity of this secretion increases gradually. During the trimester period of pregnancy, the secretion increases because of the formation of adrenal glands of the fetus. If this secretion is not enough, the fetus is not able to survive and this leads to sudden abortion. To avoid such serious and unwanted circumstances, the hormone is provided externally.

The effect of a dose of 17 Alpha Hydroxyprogesterone differs from person to person and also differs according to the situation. The dose is clinically tested before it can be given to the patients. There are different ways of testing it. Initially it was tested with RAI (radioimmunoassay) and IRMA (immunoradiometric assay). Today, there are much better ways that give quick and accurate results. The most commonly used method is gas chromatography and liquid chromatography. Mass spectrometry is also been widely used all around the world. The does cannot be easily available in any medical store. The legal possession of this drug is possible only if a legally certified physician recommends the drug.

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