After Game 1 of the Playoff Series, Orlando Examines Where They Went Wrong, and Creates New Strategy

Orlando got a second chance to try and set the pace in this Eastern Conference NBA betting odds match up. Game 1 was a nightmare as the visiting Celtics handed the Magic its first loss of the NBA playoff betting season in an embarrassing fashion. Still after trailing by double-digits for most of the night the Magic still managed to make it tight game in the final seconds and were expected to be tough to beat in this Game 2 NBA showdown.

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When Boston shoots the ball well from the perimeter it’s a very challenging team to beat 먹튀폴리스 먹튀검증. It might just be unbeatable as the Cleveland Cavaliers found out in last seasons NBA betting odds series. Boston team defense is one of the best in the basketball betting action and with a number of big bodies in the roster they’ve got plenty of fouls to throw at Orlando’s start center, Dwight Howard.

Howard was a non-factor in Game 1 of this NBA playoff betting series (13 points, 12 rebounds) and {the Celtics|Boston) employed their “Hack-a-Howard” game plan to perfection. They forced Howard to beat them at the charity stripe and he couldn’t (7-12 from the free throw line). Bostons largest players were also constantly double-teaming Howard anytime he had the ball in the paint and he failed as a scorer in that NBA betting matchup.

Orlando also found difficulty from behind the arc only scoring 5 out of 22 from 3-point range in the during the game. All things considered the Celtics played to the best of their ability creating turnovers, getting great perimeter defense and getting balances scoring (Paul Pierce 24 points, Ray Allen 22 points). Orlando on the other hand played unimpressively and still managed to make it a four point game. Orlando will fight to win Game 2 of this NBA betting odds series.

With or without Howard’s help on the offensive end this team can and will play much better. Rashad Lewis managed a mere six points in 42 minutes and fellow started Matt Barnes just two points in15minutes. Look for The Magic’s starters to step up their game from the perimeter. The Celtics will also slow down a bit with their shooting and that should be just what The Magic needs to tie this NBA betting series before heading back to New England.

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