Publishing Newsletters – No Spam Tips

A few years ago (it seems like yesterday) people were hardly waiting for that special message “you’ve got email”. Now most of us open our login onto our email accounts with fear, scared of what might pop-out of an email and infect our computers with God knows what virus or spyware. Spammers make it impossible for many to trust even emails and e-newsletters from legit companies. Is that a surprise? Be honest: have you never seen a PayPal-alike newsletter – a phishing attempt in disguise? บาคาร่า

Spam makes it really difficult for website owners and honest online entrepreneurs to promote their products and services using emails. Nowadays building up a newsletter mailing list and even publishing a newsletter are matters of nerves and guts. This is not a job for the weak.

In 2006 spammers have almost tripled the amount of email spam compared to 2005. They use different publishing techniques to fool even the most sophisticated spam blockers. On the other hand, overzealous spam blockers stop the delivery of genuine emails.

Considering the legal problems that might occur if you send out bulk unsolicited emails (aka spam) the best choice for you is to try to build up a good opt-in base with email addresses from clients and visitors that really WANT to receive news from you. Make them confirm their subscriptions (you don’t want a lawsuit, do you?). Once you have that you may start publishing.

o Keep the design simple – a two column newsletter works best. Contrary to what you might believe, HTML is fine. Publishing a newsletter in HTML provides for more formatting options and allows you to insert valuable images – product pictures for example. Spammers use both text emails and HTML to spread their messages around; so don’t believe that if you send out a text newsletter you have more chances of success. On the contrary: a well designed HTML newsletter might really capture reader’s attention and determine them to click on a link and visit your website or even to answer you with a product inquiry.

o Keep the use of images to a minimum. Make sure these images have browser resolutions and that they load fast and are relevant for your news. o Avoid using images and additional graphics just because “they are cool”.

o To avoid being blocked by overzealous spam blockers, do not to use in your newsletters words like medicine, casino, big money, cialis, gambling, hair loss, home finance, levitra, paxil, poze, roulette, porn related words and so on. Don’t use the word “FREE” in capital letters. More problem words are listed on

o Write your message in a clear manner: plain English and short sentences. Don’t ramble on! The new spam blockers might block text that looks like “When she turned, he saw a sweat stain that looked vaguely tree-like rising up her back. But Annie was the head maternity nurse, after all, so she was always going in and out”. – this is a fragment from a spam email to give you an idea on how not to write your texts.

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